5 Key Steps For Moving Across The Country

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How to Move Across the Country The Right Way

Move Across the CountryMoving longer distances requires a great deal of preparation if you want things to go as smoothly as possible. There are several options you can choose from in most cases, from ground to air transport, renting a trailer or moving truck or even working with a moving company. You should do your own research so you can get things done and that will require you to plan quite a bit ahead of time to make things go smoothly. The following tips will give you some tips on what to expect and a few actionable steps that you start acting on a few months in advance.

• You should begin by taking careful stock of all your personal possessions. Check out
everything, but pay close attention to the big stuff like furniture and other bulky belongings that may take some effort to move to your new home. Consider whether it would be a better idea to ship those items or to sell them instead. Heavy means money if you are hiring a mover or planning on renting a truck. Moving companies charge by weight, and the heavier and bulkier the truck you rent if that is your planned moving option can cost you in gas and higher rental fees.

• Take some photos of your belongings before the move, focusing on the things of exceptional
value. Keep a record of these things so you can follow up on them in case of accidents. Get a good, replacement cost-only moving insurance that covers your possessions. This will be the best possible solution to your insurance needs in all cases, as other options base their payouts on a weight basis instead of their actual value. You can get quotes both ways, and most moving companies will offer insurance directly from their company, but we recommend getting quotes from third parties if you hire a moving company.

Here are a few websites that offer moving insurance:

• Check out the prices of local airfare and consider whether you can use their service for
some of the belongings you want to bring along if you can. It all largely depends on the distance involved in your travels and the location of your new apartment or home, so think
wisely and choose appropriately until you work it out. In most cases you won’t be able to
bring more than a hundred pounds of luggage with you, though you could add more to that
by paying extra. You could bring some sensitive electronics if you want to as long as you give them proper protection and you declare them for example.

• Check the prices of moving trucks and trailers and see whether any of these options work for you. You should dot down all the quotes from various companies and cross-reference them
to decide on the best possible option. Make sure you rent the right size truck or you’ll have troubles fitting things where they need to go. The last thing you’ll want is making multiple trips back to the UHaul store to swap trucks because you chose incorrectly.

Cross Country Movers Check out your moving company options – contact as many of these companies as you can and compare the prices of their service to the ones of other options concerning moving. You might be surprised to find exactly how much you can do with them, so do your research

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  • Diane

    I wasn’t actually thinking of taking photos but now that I think about it this makes complete sense. I will photograph every single thing I put in the truck. Also thanks for the heads-up on the replacement cost-only moving insurance. After hearing about it I did a little research to learn more about and I am now more than ready to talk to insurance companies and make sure I get the best deal. Going in prepared will definitely come in handy.

  • Natalie R.

    Me neither! I can’t believe I didn’t think about this last time I had to move, over 2 years ago. It could have been a big mistake. Luckily nothing bad happened but I can’t always rely on luck. I don’t know if I will take photos of everything but the important stuff will get one. Another thing I usually never do is contact multiple companies. I would just call one and be done with it. I guess I don’t like having to talk to all of them but I will have my husband call some maybe we can get a discount or something. He loves to negotiate :)!

  • Jason S. McIntyre

    Like your article and I would like to share something I did to get a better price. I asked my girlfriend to start calling 8 different movers. She jotted down prices for all and we had a nice little list in the end. Then I called them again starting with the company that offered the biggest price and I tried to negotiate with them. I told them about the lowest price offered by company x. Then I paused and waited for a reply from the other side. In 8 out of 10 cases I got a price matching the lowest offer or an even better one!

  • Eliza

    I had to move some stuff from my ex-husband’s place to my new home which was in Dallas and I’ve actually used a local airfare because it turned out to be cheaper. It’s always a good idea to check as many options before you actually pay someone to move your stuff. Just make sure you are getting the best deal. Now, whenever I have things to move, I do plenty of research before placing an order.

  • Parker Bennett

    Used movinginsurance and they delivered on their promises. I used them some while back and I don’t know how things are right now. I had to pay about 1% of the total value of the goods I was moving and I felt safe. One of my favorite lamps got destroyed and the insurance company paid for a replacement so I was very happy.

  • Kevin King

    It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I have really enjoyed browsing your blog post. Your blog is very informative. Keep posting and keep sharing like this.