Ways To Save Money When Moving Across The Country

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People move out of the state in search of a new job opportunity, hard to find stability factor or for a better life. However, the decision to move is hard, but you have to make it. Lots of options are available to do it, which include shipping, flying, driving your own vehicle, rent a moving truck, etc. But, some methods are cheaper than others. If you do some preliminary research, you can select the cheapest and most enjoyable cross country moving option. Here is an analysis of Ways To Save Money When Moving Across The Country.

Take Only What you Need

As you know that cargo space means money. So, you should take only what you need, which is the best way to save on storage and transport cost. Do not just think about the fees, but you should pay for everything you take, including money you spent on gas too. Therefore, managing stock is extremely essential to save money. You can do it in the best possible way if you plan it earlier and make an action plan. By making an inventory of everything you need, you can ensure to keep the items you need. If you have a written list, you can avoid forgetting your items.

You should start collecting packing materials at the earliest. However, some moving companies have some special policies regarding packing materials, so you should ask them before collecting packing materials. Moving is the best time to discard unused items, so you should sort out your belongings earlier.
Cross Country Movers Quotes

Get Free Quotes from Moving Companies

QuotesYou should not pick a moving company by checking their fees and prices. Instead, you should always describe your needs and ask them for a quote. Highly efficient, professional moving companies can reduce the time and money significantly and safeguard your belongings. But, cross country moving services are not cheap. So, you should hire a reputable firm to get the best service in an affordable cost. You should do extensive research and collect quotes from at least 3 companies.

You can also talk to people and take enough time to find the best moving company. It is also essential to check their parking permits and insurance. If the new place does not have private driveway, you should talk to the landlord or building manager about the options before moving. In many places, the liability of mover for loss or damage of your property may be limited. So, you can seek for getting better coverage.

Try to get Free Moving Supplies

moving suppliesBefore spending money for purchasing overpriced moving boxes and packing supplies, you should seek for getting everything free. You can gather padding materials, packing paper and moving boxes for free if you plan it earlier.

Select the Means of Transport

The best way to move out of state depends on your perspective. Each and every cross country transportation method has its pros and cons. However, it depends on your budget, and possessions and furniture you plan on moving. Some cross country moving options are:

* Rental Trailer or Truck
* Shipping
* Train or bus
* Air transport

Rental Trailer or Truck

This is the cheapest method of moving with your furniture, but at the same time, it is the most exhausting and accident prone way of moving. If you have lots of belongings and furniture and do not have enough money to hire state to state movers, this is the best option for you.


UPSThis is an affordable option if you do not have lots of belongings. You should check with each company to know the cost. If you have heavy furniture and lots of other stuff, shipping will be more expensive and a headache.

Train or Bus

trainIf you do not have large electronics or any furniture to transport, then bus or train is the cheapest option. This is the best option if you can manage under 150lbs. However, you should make sure that whether this option is available when you are planning to go.

Air Transport

Cargo shipping services are offered by several airlines. Besides, courier companies also offer flight cargo services. You can talk to the company for getting the total cost and shipping options.

Cross-Country Moving Tips

* If you want go with a moving company, you should check their reliability and reputation. You must hire a specialist mover, who have enough knowledge in transporting your items.

* If you have pets, bring the animal with you on the road, it is better for them because they can stay with you. However, it is inconvenient and stressful for you and your pet. So, you can send your pet on a plane to the destination faster, but it can be more stressful for your animal.

* You must always expect the unexpected changes such as bad weather, flat tires, flight delays, detours, and a host of other things can affect your plans. So, it is not good to make your schedule so tight.

* You can also check for hiring a share rental truck or inventory. You can find lots of moving companies from your source destination. Internet is the best place to find a good company. Once you find a company who are willing to combine move or share, you can save lots of money. However, it depends on your situation and the convenience of other person.

* Expenses for moving can be tax deductible. So, discuss the matter with a trusted tax expert.

If you stay organized, you can avoid lots of potential headaches. Some estimates suggest that the cost of a modest cross-country move is around $8,000. However, if the mover is professional and reputable, they can provide you lots of discounts. Cost can be reduced if you pack yourself. If everything goes smoothly, you will get lots of time to relax and unpack at your destination. Before hiring a company, you should read the contract carefully. Some shipping companies charge extra money as fine. If your health is not good, find a reputable mover to do the loading and unloading. Moving company should have their name on a truck and be insured and licensed. You must verify these items before making a contract. You must also make sure that the moving company has Motor Carrier number and Department of Transportation number.