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Greater Washington Dc

Greater Washington Dc
Greater Washington Dc
1025 Connecticut Ave NW Washington dc 20036
Greater Washington dc movers is here to help! We specialize in Local moves around the Washington DC area. Do you need moving company in dc ?
As you begin planning your DC move, learn more about Washington DC Movers and our local and long distance moving solutions. We have all of your Washington, DC commercial and residential moving needs covered! Give us a call or fill out the quote request form. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome any questions you may have about our Washington, DC movers and moving services.
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(866) 496-9860
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I moved recently from my apartment in Columbia, MD to Northwest DC. The apartment was too small and over priced so I had wanted to hire a cheaper moving company to help move my items sense I am a single mother and don't have much time to move my things my self. I really want to let anybody who is short on cash but still want a great company come and get the job done right call Greater Washington DC movers. I can tell you they will arrive on time! Also the head foreman in charge was very helpful through out the whole time. They estimated about 5 hours and it only took 4 hours! Nothing was broken and everything was put back together and placed exactly where I had told them to. I am extremely happy that I took the chance with this company to move my furniture. I will always refer them to anyone and everyone. I will also be moving again soon sense apartments like to raise prices every year and I know I can trust and afford Greater Washington DC Movers to come and help me move professionally and cheap!

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